COR Certification

LiquiForce receives COR Certification!

LiquiForce has successfully implemented a comprehensive health and safety management system to a standard worthy of COR certification from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA), the authority for COR in Ontario, as recognized by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).During the audit process, numerous strengths were identified within Liqui-Force’s management system. During the audit process, numerous strengths were identified within Liqui-Force’s management system.

Liqui-Force’s Management commitment and corporate safety culture is second to none. It is evident that senior management has fully embraced the top down management approach with regards to health and safety management. Employees are fully engaged, and the resources required to develop, implement and maintain a sustainable Health and safety management system see no boundaries. The President of Liqui-Force is highly involved and engaged in all aspects of the Health and Safety Management system, which is echoed by employees throughout the company. To achieve certification through the IHSA takes dedication and commitment, which Liqui-Force has proven.

Preventative Maintenance, prevention of using defective tools and equipment and correction of defective or deficient items is a definite strength of Liqui-Force. The companies fleet management and CAPA management system is established, effective, efficient and most importantly, utilized. The LFS Live (The Pipleline) is an internal software with many applications, including fleet management. This system allows for both the issuance of work orders and autogenerated Preventative Maintenance schedules. This allows for tools, equipment, machinery and vehicles to be inspected as per company policy, applicable legislation and manufacturer’s specifications. This coupled with the HSMS software, allow for a meticulous inspection and preventative maintenance program and timely correction of identified management system inadequacies
and deficiencies. These software programs prompt the assignment of responsibility and measures to hold responsible parties accountable.

Liqui-Force utilizes the eCompliance HSMS Software to record, track and analyze statistics for trends, tendencies and patterns with respect to health and safety performance. Liqui-Force also catalogues both leading and lagging indicators monthly and implement the Pareto Principle to monitor cause and effect of incidents and occurrences. It is evident that key personnel of Liqui-Force understand the importance of statistics as they allow a company to learn from their mistakes and proactively implement CAPA through the analysis of near misses, trends and consistencies.

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January 5th, 2018|

LiquiForce receives Water Canada Award

On June 22nd, over one hundred and sixty water professionals came together to celebrate innovators and influencers in the water sector at the Water’s Next Awards Gala—part of the 8th annual Canadian Water Summit.  LiquiForce was the proud recipient of the Conveyance award in the Project/Technology Division.



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June 28th, 2017|

Do you really need a cleanout?

With the Gravity Program from LiquiForce there is no need to install cleanouts to line existing laterals. This results in a cost and time savings that facilitates the rehabilitation of more laterals in a shorter period of time. So do you really need a cleanout to line a lateral? We don’t think so. The choice is yours.

July 14th, 2016|

Trenchless Technology 2014 Road Show in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls TT Road Show
From left to right – Jim Diodati – Mayor of Niagara Falls, Kim Lewis Jr, Bruce Timms – Niagara Region Councillor, Chris Lewis

June 9th, 2014|

LiquiForce won the BEA 2014 Innovation Award

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May 7th, 2014|

Infrastructure reaching ‘point of no return’ — Issue is the one most commonly raised by residents, mayoral candidates say.

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October 2nd, 2013|

Toronto’s sewer system on photo display at St. Patrick subway station | Toronto Star

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May 1st, 2013|

LiquiForce CEO Kim K. Lewis selected Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year.

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May 1st, 2013|

LiquiForce selected Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce 2013 Business Excellence Innovation Award Finalist.

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May 1st, 2013|

New Approach to Big Sewer Job. LiquiForce high tech fix saves millions: It’s like Sarnia’s taxpayers won the lottery.

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May 1st, 2013|