Award Winning Lateral Rehabilitation

The Patented LiquiForce Junction Lateral Liner

A lateral pipeline is like a branch on a tree.  It connects a home or business (the leaf) to the main pipeline (the tree trunk).

Our revolutionary new green, no-dig Cured-in-Place Pipelining (CIPP) process for lateral pipelines, cleans the existing lateral connection, measures it for a new, custom-made replacement liner and installs the new lining system all from within the existing access points (manholes) of the main pipeline connection.

Access to homes or businesses in not necessary while repair work is underway and there is no need to dig a traditional clean-out on the property.

Our state-of-the-art CIPP process meets new pipe standards and durability (50-100 years) and repair cost, time and disruption is significantly reduced.

-Rehabilitate laterals without cleanouts

-SAVE money, trees, sidewalks and roads

-Take advantage of our “Pipeline” to better manage your lateral program details

Installed from the main


Liner length up to 100 + ft
Mainlines 200mm (8″) and larger
Laterals 100-150mm (4-6“)

Lateral rehabilitation before & after.

Eliminating I&I With LiquiForce Patented Technology

Broken sewers take in groundwater and are a major contributor of Inflow & Infiltration (I&I).

This leads to massive, unnecessary treatment costs and building freezes due to the increased demand on the treatment facilities.

The Hydrophilic Seal Is The Solution To I&I

-engineered, designed  and patented to eliminate I&I

-swells when contacted by water

-prevents foreign materials from entering the sewer system

-50+ year design life

See the installation process in action:

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